We are expanding our range of services to include physiotherapy


From 3 March 2022 we are expanding our range of services to include physiotherapy! We will offer our clients a preventive movement program with an individual approach.

We offer a comprehensive initial examination of the musculoskeletal system with identification of key dysfunctions, implementation of therapy and recommendations for long-term solutions, as well as subsequent continuation of the treatment. All this is always individually tailored to the needs of the client. The offer is designed not only for existing clients of the sports centre of our resort, but also for the general public.

The physiotherapist is able to find deviations in the musculoskeletal system of each individual. He addresses the quality of posture, movement expression in normal daily activities or during sports performance. Using diagnostic techniques, they will determine the cause of the pain and then recommend appropriate movement compensation. They will show you how to properly strengthen, stretch or correct your movements during daily activities. The physiotherapist is also very skilled in mobilisation techniques to release blocked joints in the limbs and spine, and can help you from pain.

Come to us to modify your movement patterns. We can help you start and maintain your own body's natural self-healing process.

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